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$1 billion is Allotted for 10 Bicycle Superhighway in Norway

In an effort to reduce its transportation footprint, Norway has announced its plans to construct a network of 10 bicycle highways around its nine largest cities with an estimated cost of $923 million according to Inhabitat.

The 2-lane super bicycle highways will allow cyclists to travel in and out of large cities, including the connections to the suburbs.

Norway certainly gets chilly in the winter, but the Gulf Streams keep most of the ice somewhat controlled and temperatures stay in the moderate range. The only real concern is the longer and darker winter days, which could create bike safety considerations for the highways. Norway’s government is confident that it can produce  safe and secure roads for bicycle riders by following the examples set by other northern cities like Edmonton, Oulu, Canada and Finland.

Denmark’s National Transit Plan mandates that 75% of buses, trucks at 50% and 40% for short-distance ferries must be low emission by the year 2030. The country also wants to limit the increase in car use and will be conducting heavy on roads and railways.

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Image credit: Visit Norway

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