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Australia’s National Broadband Network is Now Powered by Solar

The installation of the 1.75 megawatts of solar capacity across the National Broadband Network has been completed as reported by Pace Today.

The Queensland solar company, Solgen Energy was commissioned by the government-owned NBN Co in reducing the environmental impact of the upgrade of the country’s communication infrastructure and to make sure of future access to high speed broadband. Several solar PVs were raised and installed, roof mounted solar PVs for metropolitan Technical Aggregation Node development sites and many ground-mounted solar arrays for remote-based satellite Earth Stations.

The SES ground stations were built in Bourke, Broken Hill and Wolumla in New South Wales, Ceduna in South Australia, Geeveston in Tasmania, Roma in Queensland, Carnarvon, Kalgoorlie, Geradlton and Waroona in Western Australia.

As stated by David Naismith, Solgen’s CEO, the NBN Co’s priority on clean energy solutions for the network has set a solid example for other major corporations.

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