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A German-designed Spherical Sun Power Generator

German architect Andre Broessel believes he has discovered a solution that can get more juice out of the sun even during the night hours and in low-light regions.

Broessel’s company Rawlemon has created a spherical sun power generator prototype called the beta.ray. His technology will combine spherical geometry principles with a dual axis tracking system, allowing twice the yield of a conventional solar panel in a much smaller area.

The futuristic design is fully rotational and very suitable for inclined surfaces, walls of building and anywhere with access to sunlight or the sky. The solar sphere can also be used as an electric car charging station.

Andre Broessel said the beta.ray comes with a hybrid collector that converts daily electricity and thermal energy at the same time. The design reduces the silicon cell area to 25% with the equivalent power output by using an ultra transmission Ball Lens focusing concentrator. The Ball Lens operates at 57% efficiency level in hybrid mode. At night, the lens can transform into a high power lamp to illuminate your location by way of a few LEDs.

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