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India is Very Serious About Solar Energy

It took 8,500 men working 2 shifts daily for 6 months and 3 shifts daily for 2 months to finish the Adani Groups giant solar power plant in Southern India ahead of schedule as reported by Yahoo Finance.

The 10 square kilometre project in Ramanathapuram, in the southern state of Tamil Nadu, is the world’s largest solar power station in a single location, as claimed by the company. It has the capacity to power 150,000 homes and it is a true sign that India is very serious in meeting its renewable energy target.

Considering the common delays that bog down Indian infrastructures and the speed the 648-megawatt project was completed in, it shows the country’s commitment to renewables as stated by Aruna Kumarankandath of the Centre for Science and Environment in Delhi.

India is committed to ensuring that at least 40% of its electricity will be coming from renewable resources by 2030 as signatories of the Paris Agreement.

While coal provides the biggest share of India’s energy, officials predicted the country will meet its Paris Agreement renewable energy commitment 3 years ahead of its target date and probably exceed it.

The government has also released a 10-year plan that predicts 57% of total electricity capacity will come from non-fossil sources by 2027. India is focusing on solar energy. It makes up 16% of renewables capacity now and will contribute 100 gigawatts of the renewable energy target of `175 gigawatts by the year 2022.

60% of the 100-gigawatt target will come from large-scale solar installation. The government is also planning to build 33 solar parks in 21 states with at least 500 megawatts capacity for each solar park.

The renewable goal will help make sure uninterrupted supply of quality power to existing customers and provide electrical access to all unconnected consumers by 2019.

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