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Japanese Corporation Has Plans to Turn Moon into a Massive Solar Power Plant

Good news from Inhabitat. A team of Japanese engineers are creating a plan to turn the Moon into one massive, lunar solar power plant. The project was originally conceived in 2010, but it received renewed interest after the Fukushima Nuclear power plant disaster. The disaster at the Fukushima nuclear power plant has made Japan think more seriously about alternative and green energy. This resulted in Shimizu Corporation’s outrageous plan and its gaining traction.

The plan is to have a massive 6,800 long and 12 mile wide “Luna Ring “of solar panels to be built on the moon’s surface. This solar belt would then trap solar power directly from the sun and then beam it straight to Earth through lasers and microwaves. If you think of it, the project is just like what you see on sci-fi movies or the Gundam 00 anime series.

The company’s plan would see about 13,000 terawatts of continuous solar energy beamed to receiving stations around the earth. The received energy will then be distributed to the planet’s population. Smizu is planning to build the massive lunar, solar construction project using robots. They stated that humans will barely be involved and will only be present in managing and overseeing the construction.

In a statement they issued, they stated that a shift from the economical use of limited resources to the unlimited use of clean energy is the highest dream of mankind. The lunar, solar power generation concept will make this dream into reality through ingenious ideas together with advanced space technologies. An inexhaustible and non-polluting solar energy is the extreme source of green energy that can bring prosperity to nature as to human lives.

The company has not mentioned any price tag on the project, but surely, it will be astronomical. Even so, the company says the construction can start as early as 2035 and Shimizu believes that they can develop robots that can mine the moon’s natural resources to make concrete and the solar cells.

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