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The New UAE Eco Resort will be Powered by 157,000 Square Feet of Solar

Inhabitat reported that a new resort scheduled to be completed in 2020 is striving to be the cleanest and greenest of its kind in the world. The Oasis Eco resort is designed by Baharash Architecture for a site surrounded dunes in Liwa Oasis will boast a host of renewable and sustainable features like a 157,000 sq. ft. of solar panels which is expected to produce sufficient energy to power 100% of the 8,400 sq. ft. of development.

The Eco Resort Group commissioned the project located in southern Abu Dhabi. The resort is primarily designed for upscale clients which is not so rare in this wealthy Gulf country. Nonetheless, the specific design that the designers show willingness to give a more equitable relationship between the existing environment and construction of the project.

According to Baharash Bagherian of Baharash Architecture, they found out in the early stages of the project that they could extract groundwater using a deep well. The harvested water will be used for crop irrigation, fish farming and other recreational activities, while providing habitat for the local fauna. While it worries us to see precious groundwater used for luxury development, Baharash has taken the necessary steps to ensure it will be used sensibly with an on-site wastewater treatment system and water recycling for the site’s irrigation.

The crops will be used to provide local, fresh and organic food for the resort’s restaurant together with the other foods sourced from local farmers. Guest are even encouraged, to forage for their own vegetables, catch fish and the chef will mix up these choices into a custom meal. The entire structure is organised around the spring, with a low-lying, angular PV-topped building comprising of 84 suites of different sizes and all of them will enjoy the red and dusty landscape.

The zero-emission community will have their own waste treatment centre as well as research and business facilities. It will employ conservation and biologist staff that will ensure the harmony between the resort, their patrons, the land and creatures that live in there.

Baharash Bagherian claims the project is designed to provide more than just social-cultural and economic benefits, it will also provide good job opportunities for locals which can create a more diverse economy. It will also preserve the region’s heritage and give greater interaction with the native inhabitants.

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