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Proposed Geothermal Plant Will Save Ratepayers $20m Over 20 Years

The south-west Queensland council says plans to build two clean energy plants to power its assets will save taxpayers about $20 million over 20 years according to a report from ABC News.

The Maranoa Regional Council approved another $7,500 towards planning for a geothermal plant at Roma while a second plant has been planned for Mitchell.

Maranoa councillor David Schefe said that if the project is built, the $3 million investment needed would be worth it. He said that they are looking at supplying to council assets, thus the council assets are extensive and widely used by the community. The projections moving of course are that energy prices are going to increase. He also added that there are a lot of other subsidies that come and go and will be able to tap into which will make it even more lucrative to the community. He also stated that the issues are with the smaller councils because they are under economic pressure the same as everyone and they need to look at ways that they can deliver the same services at a cheaper price.

On the other side, West Dalby would have 2.3 million solar panels installed if a large scale solar farm gets approval. Australia’s Origin Energy has applied to the Federal Environment Department to build the three square kilometre solar farm. This would connect to the grid through the Darling Downs Power Station. The proposed plant would generate up to 200 megawatts of power and would become the nation’s largest solar photovoltaic plant. Once approved, it would get funding form the Australian Renewable Energy Agency.

If the IPA will not be able to push through their proposed fund cuts on renewable energy projects, the country will retain its status as a renewable energy leader.

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