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Solar Panel Manufacturing Facility Will Be Built In Batangas, Philippines

Although not in Australia, this news proves that the trend in renewable energy is having a positive turn in the Philippines. Solar Philippines Power Project Holdings, Inc. will build a factory in Tanuan, Batangas that will produce solar panels that have a target capacity of 2 gigawatts which the company claims will be the largest outside of China as reported by Bworld Online.

According to Solar Philippines president, Leandro L. Leviste, the project is the key step in lowering solar costs and enabling them to produce electricity cheaper than coal. Instead of importing expensive fuel from other nations, the company will produce energy in the country. The company is planning to start building the facility in the third quarter of the year and will be built over the next 3 years. He also added that the first section will its operation by the end of the year.

Soon, the country will become one of the leading exporters of energy and “Made in the Philippines” solar panels will be used around the world. Leviste said several of the world’s largest solar makers have offered to become partners in the project. The company said that they would be using state-of-the-art German technology in producing highly efficient solar panels at lowest possible price.

Around 6,000-20,000 jobs are expected to be generated by the project, which will fully operate on solar power.

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