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This Week in Solar: ‘Earthship’ in Adelaide, More Reliable Renewable Power, Getting Solar Panels in Schools, Keeping Cool in Summer Heatwaves

Here are some renewable energy news you may have missed from this week. Click on the links to read these stories in more detail.

1. ‘You don’t pay for bills’: A look inside the first ‘Earthship’ in Australia

An Adelaide house was built with used tyres filled with earth, glass bottles of all shapes and colours. Electricity is generated by solar panels lining the roof and batteries store the electricity generated.

2. New trial launched to make renewable power more reliable

A new trial has been launched to cut power prices and make wind and solar energy more predictable by letting renewable generators forecast their own electricity production.

3. NSW election: Getting solar in schools a vote winner for many people

The Liberal Government is rolling out a $20-$30 million program to install solar panels on state-owned buildings and have smart batteries fitted on those with existing solar systems.

4. Australia was fourth biggest market in world for large-scale solar in 2018

Australia’s investment boom in large-scale solar projects made it the fourth biggest market for the technology in 2018, behind only China, the US and India.

5. Merredin Solar Farm begins construction, set to power 42,000 homes

Work is set to begin on the construction of the Merredin Solar Farm, with a ground breaking ceremony last Friday marking the start of the project.

6. How AEMO keeps us cool in summer heatwaves

AEMO sources extra power to keep the system up and running in emergencies because meeting demand is difficult in extreme conditions.

7. NSW Coalition commits to support apartments going solar, module and battery recycling

If re-elected on Saturday, the NSW Coalition will change strata laws to reduce the minimum votes needed to install solar panels, battery storage and electric vehicle charging points in strata buildings.

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