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This Week in Solar: Solar Trust Centre Weekly Recap

Here are some solar news stories you may have missed from this week. Click on the links to read these stories in more detail.

1. Array Technologies Chosen to Work Across Six Solar Projects in Australia.

Solar tracker specialist Array Technologies will be supplying 586 megawatts of trackers across six large-scale solar projects in the country.

2. Australian World Solar Challenge Car Could Become Commercial

An Australian team debuted their solar car in the Cruiser class of the World Solar Challenge and it was one of only three cars to finish the route.

3. Turnbull Abandons Renewable Power Plans

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said that the government will not be adopting the proposal of Chief Scientist Alan Finkel for a clean energy target and instead establish a reliable electricity target that favours gas, coal and hydropower.

4. 48% of South Australia’s Electricity is Provided by Rooftop Solar

AEMO has predicted a possible zero grid demand within 10 years thanks to the success and efficiency of rooftop solar in the state.

5. Small NSW Town Goes Renewable

The project was spearheaded by businessman Andrew Price as he launched the Tyalgum Energy Project using a government grant that funded the feasibility studies.

6. GCL System Integrated Technology Has Acquired Solar Power System In Australia

According to James Hu, VP of GCL and head of Overseas Sales, the project is a major step for the company to becoming a big player in the mainstream markets of many developed countries.

7. World’s First Floating Wind Farm is Now Operational

5 wind turbines floating 100 metres above the seabed of Aberdeenshire, Scotland are producing power for up to 20,000 homes.

8. Diamonds A Solution For Disposing Of Nuclear Waste?

A team of chemists and physicists from the University of Bristol has discovered the new technology that turns dangerous nuclear waste into energy that can be stored and can last an incredibly long time.


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