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Wind-powered Water Seer Produce 11 Gallons of Clean Water from the Air

A new device that relies on simple air condensation to collect clean water from the atmosphere promises to provide 11 gallons of safe drinking water without any external power source, greenhouse gas emissions or adverse environmental impacts as reported by Inhabitat.

Another good thing about this device is that it could potentially run forever, giving generations of people with access to clean water in areas of the world where a harsh climate or lack of infrastructure make access to clean drinking water is a major problem. Water Seer is powered by simple wind turbine, and the device could easily be the initial step to a sustainable and enduring solution to water shortages around the world.

The Water Seer is planted straight six feet into the ground and then the soil is packed around the metal neck. The top of the Water Seer holds a vertical wind turbine, which spins internal fan blades to draw air into the underground chamber.

The surrounding earth cools the subterranean portion of the Water Seer, it results in water being condensed in the reservoir to create an artificial well. And from this well, people can draw clean and safe drinking water 24/7.

The low-cost device was developed by VICI-Labs, in partnership with UC Berkeley and the National Peace Corps Association, as a possible solution for the 2.3 million people in the world who lack regular access to safe and clean drinking water.

A collection of several devices can provide enough water to support a small village. The not-for-profit company will match US purchases of each unit by donating Water Seer collection device to those in need living in developing countries or anywhere with aride climates.

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Featured Image Credit: Inhabitat.com

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