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5.2 Gigawatts of Small Scale Solar PV are Now Installed in Australia

Exciting news reported by Energy Matters: As of present, there are now officially more that 1.6 million small solar panel systems installed throughout the country. That is enough to supply the electricity of 1.4 million Australian households.

While October was not the busiest of months for installations by any stretch, 5169 small wind, hydro and solar power systems were installed nationally in October. This represented a total generation capacity of 22, 225 kilowatt-hours and further enhanced the country’s already impressive totals. Solar panels made up the greatest number.

The CER states that Queensland again had the highest number of small-scale installations with 1,595 systems installed last month. Western Australia overtook New South Wales last month of second place.

Small scale commercial solar power installations are becoming more commonplace as companies start becoming more aware that solar power can improve the bottom line. There were 210 commercial sized solar PV systems (between 10-100kW) installed across Australia last month. New South Wales led the states with 61 commercial-sized solar PV systems.

According to Mark Hamilton, Clean Energy Regulator executive general manager, across Australia, small-scale renewable energy systems now has the capacity to generate or displace approximately 9.5 million megawatt-hours of electricity every year. It is enough to power more than 1.4 million average Australian homes.

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