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Solar Trust Centre is an Australian based, renewable energy, predominantly solar focussed education resource.


Australian Renewable Energy

Australian Energy 101: Explaining AEMO’s Decision to Suspend the Spot Market

On Wednesday June 15 2022 the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) announced that under...

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How Long Until 4 Million? Charting Aussie Solar Power Growth After Officially Hitting 3 Million Installations

The story of solar power’s growth in Australia is truly terrific. Indeed, when considered in...

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Australian Federal Election 2022

Assessing the Federal Election Outcome for Australian Solar and Sustainability

On Saturday 21 May Australia’s federal election was held. From a renewables and sustainability...

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The Reality of Recycling in Australia

In the 2020s it’s clear the way in which we live has to change significantly, and rapidly. The...

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Australia's Energy Future After its Largest Coal Plant Shuts Down

‘Not realistic to use right now’, ‘inefficient’, and ‘a hindrance on economic growth’. Once...

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Redefining the Relationship Between Cryptocurrency and Renewable Energy in Australia

Renewable energy and cryptocurrency are two sectors that are presently seeing major growth....

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The Eco-Friendly Action at the Australian Open

The Australian Open is a special part of the annual Aussie sporting calendar. It’s one of just...

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