Advanced Energy Resources Will Build Solar Farm in Port Gregory for GMA Garnet

Advanced Energy Resources will build a $8M 3 megawatt solar and wind farm at Port Gregory, 60kms south of Kalbarri for GMA Garnet.

The project, which includes a battery storage component will supply 70% of the mine’s electricity requirements which will allow GMA Garnet to reduce its carbon footprint by about 500 tonnes of carbon dioxide annually. The said project will generate electricity to power 17000 home every year.

The project’s wind turbines have already arrived in Perth and project approvals are down the line with commissioning expected early in 2019.

Grant Cox, GMA Garnet’s chief financial officer said the wind and solar farm would allow the company to reduce the input costs.

The project will be the first grid-connected wind and solar farm battery storage in Western Australia.

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