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Alan Finkel Contradicted Malcolm Turnbull’s Power “Road to Ruin”

Dr. Alan Finkel, Australia’s chief scientist has contradicted the government’s claims that Labor’s 50% renewables target by the year 2030 is a dud, as reported by news.com.au.

Dr. Finkel has presented a report that shows a plan for more renewable energy sources will not result in major blackouts even though the claims of the government that the renewable target is crazy.

Dr. Finkel’s report also states that power prices will continue to go up and the supply will become less reliable unless the right planning and investment for energy storage goes through.

The study includes:

  • Household batteries and rooftop solar power will be able to secure the country’s energy requirements by 2030.
  • Australia would see major power reliability issues and will need massive investments in storage capacity to counter this.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said that this energy approach is an ideology and idiocy because its incompetence wanting a huge renewable energy target, with no plans for backup and storage and total rejection of coal in all its forms.

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