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Australia Receives Proposals for Energy Storage Bids

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The government of the Australian Capital Territory has received 17 proposals for their Next-generation renewable energy storage auction with about $2 million will be allocated and shared between 5 companies to install PV solar storage solutions in Canberra PV magazine posted on their website. 

A number of Australian firms and companies, some of them are backed by foreign partners have applied to install more than 8 megawatts of storage capacity in the national capital. According to Simon Corbell, Minister of Environment and Climate Change, the grant round is expected to support the distribution of more than 2 megawatts of energy storage across more than 600 Canberra businesses and households. He also added that it was a requirement of the grant round that interested companies to only use energy storage systems that are capable of taking the right actions to changes in energy markets in maximizing the value for consumers and the electricity network.

The ACT Government has set solar battery storage as a key element of its plans to cut emissions and develop renewable energy. All bids in the competitive round include at least 10-year product warranties as their minimum requirement. Companies are also expected to open up offices in Canberra to give local support. The government wants to encourage the use of different technologies, they will also announce the winners in the next few months after checking and reviewing the shortlist of the top applicants.

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