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Companies Are Understanding the Effects of Climate Change and They Are Stepping Up

When United States President Donald Trump withdrew from the Paris Climate Agreement, one might have thought of a hearty cheer from industries around the world, but it did not happen.

Instead, the opposite has happened and across the US, the business community is taking it upon themselves to implement the measures needed to resolve and address climate change. In Australia, there’s an increasing number of big companies publicly stating their commitment to addressing climate change even as the federal government is very slow on implementing policies that will reverse the crisis.

Companies all over the world from small enterprises to big firms in the Fortune 500 are calling for action regarding climate change.

This understanding has resulted in initiatives like “We Are Still In”, which is an open declaration of continued support of climate action to meet the Paris Agreement. At present, it has already been signed by 1,565 companies and investors including business giants Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, Google, Walmart and Adidas.

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