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Elon Musk is Unveiling Powerwall 2.0 and Solar Roof on October 28th

Moving fast after their $2.6 billion merger, SolarCity and Tesla are gearing up to release their first joint branded product – a solar roof that charges an integrated backup power system. This new product combo would not be a rooftop solar array or interlocking solar tiles, but a true rooftop made of solar panels as reported by Inhabitat.

The system would be connected to the Tesla Powerwall 2.0, which is the long-awaited and less expensive version of the company’s innovative battery backup. Tesla CEO Elon Musk stated that the product launch is planned for October 28 in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Musk tweeted his announcement last Thursday, promising the unveiling of the new Tesla/SolarCity solar roof with an integrated Powerwall 2.0 battery and the Tesla charger. Even though the product details are not yet presented, many people already have a good idea of what the product will involve since Musk has been open about his product vision.

The inclusion of a Tesla car charger is not surprising, but one might hope that feature will be an optional add-on, since not every homeowner needing a solar roof would also want a Tesla car. Still, a fully integrated clean energy solution that can power your house through the night or during grid power interruptions marks a major milestone in terms of connecting homeowners with clean and renewable energy.

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Featured Image Credit: Tesla Club Belgium

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