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How to Know a Reputable Solar Installer

It’s wise to select a solar installer carefully. You don’t want to hire someone who makes mistakes that result in premature failure, roof damage or electrical safety hazards. Proper installation ensures your system will run efficiently and reliably. It also increases the likelihood that insurance or a warranty will cover any problems.

Recommendations and online reviews may help you choose a trustworthy installer. However, they’re not always accurate or up-to-date. You’ll probably achieve better results if you also take the installer’s accreditations or certifications into account as you make this important decision.

ISO 9001

ISO 9001 Certification

One well-respected international accreditation is known as ISO 9001. It verifies that an installer offers excellent customer service and maintains a high level of quality. Accredited companies strive to improve their operations on an ongoing basis and consistently satisfy all customers. They undergo yearly audits to confirm long-term compliance.


CEC Approved Solar Retailer

Another option is the Approved Solar Retailer certification overseen by Australia’s Clean Energy Council. Qualifying installers follow a code of conduct with rules about telemarketing, sales techniques and guarantees. Customers can report any violations to the CEC. If you select an approved installer, you’ll probably benefit from a longer warranty and thorough, accurate information about the panels.


The Clean Energy Council also certifies solar equipment. To ensure it meets safety standards, you can refer to the CEC website to see if a certain product has been approved. It lists certified equipment in three categories. An added benefit of these storage batteries, inverters and photovoltaic modules is that they qualify for Small-scale Technology Certificates.

To achieve the best possible outcome, you shouldn’t rely on a single accreditation or source of information. Consider hiring an installer who possesses both types of certifications, sells approved equipment and has earned multiple positive reviews. If you have further questions, please browse our website or contact us to learn more.

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