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What is Solar Trust Centre?

Solar Trust Centre is a resource for trusted news on Solar Energy, Tools, and Resources. We have produced articles on the most salient issues in the field of solar installations in Australia. This covers the most common questions consumers may ask when considering going solar, to coverage of significant policy and industry changes in the implementation of solar systems across the nation.

We expect that you will want to research solar systems before committing to going solar. This article exists to answers the FAQs of solar installations.

Most asked questions:

Consumers interested in solar installations for their home often hesitate when they see the pricing listed for complete solar installations. Australians usually spend at least $4000 on panels, inverters, batteries and optimisers. However, it is important for consumers to understand that your solar system will pay itself back over time.

If you decide to install solar panels, you may find that your electricity bill doesn’t change drastically at first. Nonetheless, people with efficient, well-made equipment can expect to achieve greater savings as time passes. Some of our customers receive $0 power bills and earn credits for the excess energy they produce.

Next, you’ll likely observe that there is a steep divide between the prices of different solar systems. We advise you research the benefits of quality solar systems. A running theme across Solar Trust Centre is our concern over the epidemic of poor quality solar in Australia. It is important you ensure any solar installers you operate with have proper accreditation. Many consumers have been failed by unsafe and ineffective solar products that promise a cheap retail price. Often these cheap solar products fail and need replacing before they have paid back their CO2 footprint. Moreover, they will come with a shorter warranty period. Paying more may save you more in the long run by guaranteeing you a safe and long-lasting system that will reduce electricity prices in the long term.

Next steps when considering solar:

When browsing solar installer websites, you’ll likely observe how their product pages often list solar panels and batteries separately. This may prompt you to ask whether you should buy solar panels and batteries together. The benefit of a battery being installed with your solar panels is that you can store energy for use outside of peak sunlight conditions. Without a battery, you may need to get additional energy from the power grid at night or when sunlight is obscured.

If you are new to the topic of solar panels, you may be curious about the effectiveness of solar panels in various weather conditions. We have outlined the effectiveness of solar panels during cloudy and rainy conditions, as well as at night. As the sun’s brightness and angle changes throughout the day and year, so too does the amount of electricity your solar power system will generate. Again, we advise installing a battery with your solar panels so that you won’t have to buy energy from the grid.

Many consumers researching solar are frightened by news of solar roof fires. The reporting on this issue is often misinformed. News reporters often focus on a minority of cases and exaggerate the likelihood of fires by conflating solar systems of all qualities. The most likely reason for solar roof fires are poor installation practices and badly manufactured solar panels.

Ultimately, anything that conducts electricity has to be installed properly and inspected by a licensed electrician. If a solar panel installer does not have a licensed electrician available, they are likely cutting corners on the installation and the installation will be non-compliant. A homeowner can also always opt to have their solar panel installation inspected separately to verify that it is safe and correct. You can protect yourself from this issue by assessing the accreditations and testimonials possess by your potential solar installers. Moreover, you can get your solar unit inspected to maximise your home’s safety.

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