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If I have an existing solar power system, can I add battery storage?

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Do you find that your solar system is performing poorly when it’s overcast? Are you tired of having to purchase energy from the grid? There’s a solution. Batteries add versatility to your solar system, making it possible for your system to collect energy for usage during the less productive hours. You can’t control your solar system’s efficiency, but you can make sure to take advantage of all the energy that it collects.

Why Should You Add Battery Storage to Your Solar System?

Solar panel systems can’t collect energy during the night, and they operate at reduced efficiency when the weather is bad. Because of this, most systems are tied to the energy grid. When it’s night, energy is purchased from the grid for the house. When it’s day, any additional energy is sent back to the grid. While this is a convenient system, it isn’t a perfect system, because a homeowner isn’t producing all their own energy and is losing some value related to their energy.

Battery storage makes it possible to preserve the excess energy that your solar panel system creates. While this energy is frequently purchased by the energy grid, it is always purchased at a rate that is lower than it’s sold at. If you’re using the grid frequently, you’re sending energy at a reduced price then having to purchase it back at an inflated cost. You can save money by storing and using your own energy instead, cutting out the middle man.

When it’s overcast or nighttime, your system can rely upon your batteries rather than having to connect to the electrical grid. Not only will this save you money, but it’s a cleaner, more sustainable energy resource. With a battery back and the right solar configuration, you can virtually eliminate your reliance upon the energy grid.

But your existing solar panel installation may not have come with solar batteries. What can you do if you already have solar panels in place, but want to add a battery system?

Adding a Battery System to an Existing Solar Panel Installation

Any solar panel system should be able to have a battery system installed, but not necessarily without modifications. Some systems may need an upgraded inverter or additional solar panels may need to be installed to fully take advantage of the batteries. A solar panel system can be modified by a professional, and often the installation will pay for itself over time.

You can begin the process of adding batteries to your solar panels by having a solar company inspect your existing installation. They will then be able to tell you whether the batteries can be installed as-is or whether there may be more serious modifications that need to be made. At the same time, you can make sure your solar panels have been installed correctly.

It’s essential that these modifications be handled by a reputable, professional solar panel company. Any modifications to a solar panel can be dangerous if not handled correctly and inspected by a licensed contractor. As long as the batteries are installed correctly, they’ll be safe.

Installing batteries with your solar power system is an excellent way to increase the utility of your power system and improve upon your home’s energy efficiency. With battery power, you will rarely need to use the energy grid, and you’ll be able to capture more clean, sustainable energy on your own.

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