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Japan Provides More Electric Vehicle Chargers than Traditional Gas Stations

According to Inhabitat, Japan may be the easiest in the world to drive an electric car, now that EV chargers officially exceed traditional gas stations. A new estimate stated that japan has more than 40,000 electric vehicle chargers across the country, edging out gas stations by 5,000.

The number of electric vehicle charges is no accident. In 2013, the Japanese government announced a deal with the auto industry leaders to provide $1.025 billion into electric vehicle charging infrastructure. At that time, the country had only had 4,700 chargers within its borders. It means that japan has seen an 800% increase in the number of electric vehicle chargers nationwide within three years. The uptake marks an impressive commitment to green transportation.

The Japanese ratio of electric vehicle chargers to gas stations is far more impressive as compared to the United States. The United States has 9,000 public charging stations, which is very small compared to its 114,500 gas stations.

Nissan’s count of Japanese chargers includes many installed in private garages and used by a single owner or household. Critics are also fast to point out that even a public electric vehicle charger can only serve one vehicle at a time, while gas stations provide multiple pumps operating at the same time.

Despite these technical flaws, Japan’s electric vehicle boom is well under way. The massive infrastructure investment in Japan, together with premiums for electric car purchases on the Nissan “Leaf” and other electric vehicles is meant to further excite the electric car market.

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