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Panasonic Launch Their All Black Solar Panel For The European Market

Panasonic has launched their new black solar panel called HIT KURO. The panel uses a black backsheet and a black frame, giving 19.4% efficiency and totalling a peak production value of 325 watts as reported by Electrek.

Here are the main details about the new panels:

  • The company states that only 148 of the 4 million panels sold have been returned for warranty issues.
  • The solar panels come with one of the best warranties in the industry with 25 years protection for hardware and power production issue. Most manufacturers offer 10-12 years of hardware warranty.
  • The panels are durable in hot weather. For every degree in temperature increase over 25C the panel’s overall efficiency will fall by 0.258% (this is a very low efficiency drop).
  • Another feature of note is the Heterojunction with Intrinsic Thin layer.
  • HIT technology means there is a reduction in electron recombination loss, reduction in optical loss and minimizing resistance loss.

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