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Phone Games Encourage Electricity Saving Behaviours

Australian summer has arrived and with it comes high electricity bills as Australian households are paying more for their power use as reported by ABC News.

Here is where “Reduce Your Juice” comes in. Reduce Your Juice is a part of a digital social marketing campaign developed by CitySmart, the Queensland University of Technology and BCM partnership to help low-income households save money on their power bills.

The campaign includes three mini-games that encourage the top 3 energy-efficient behaviours around the home which are:

  1. Turning off appliances when not in use
  2. Turning down air conditioners
  3. Using cool water for laundry

The mobile game app combines gameplay, videos, tips and Facebook community in encouraging the family to think of energy efficiency. The aim is for behaviors encouraged by the game to be translated to real life and deliver true changes in energy use behavior in around the home.

Click here to read the full story on ABC News

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