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Pumped Hydro Opens up New Possibilities In Australia

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ABC News reported that the mountains along the Australian eastern seaboard are filled with opportunities for the construction of pumped hydro power systems. The ANU is responsible for the survey that highlights the importance of these sites.

5,000 possible sites have been identified and this presents a new venture for Australian renewable technology.

ANU Professor Blakers states this is more than enough sites to help power Australia with 100% renewables.

Advantages of pumped hydro power include:

  • A simple and established form of storing electricity for when it is required
  • Pumped hydro plants can be used as a backup for wind and solar power when they are in short supply
  • If electricity is abundant, water can be pumped into dams to be used and released when energy is needed or in short supply
  • Released water will run through turbines, producing electricity
  • The released water will be recollected at a lower reservoir or dam.

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