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Solar Records Broken Over Fears of Rising Power Bills

2018 was a great year for solar, according to the Sydney Morning Herald.

2018 Growth in Rooftop Solar

Records broke last year as thousands of megawatts of solar capacity were added to rooftops and solar farms across Australia. It is assumed that the drastic increase is due to fears over rising power prices in Australia.

Green Energy Markets leads this news; their data indicating 3775 megawatts was added in 2018. In 2017, only 1270 megawatts was added.

This increase will hopefully continue to drive down power prices.

Queensland had the largest increase in 2018, with a total of 1495.4 megawatts installed across residential, commercial, small power and utility installations.

New South Wales came in second with 838.6 total megawatts.

This data comes after news that Australia reached 2 million homes with solar panels.

Predictions for Rooftop Solar in 2019

Green Energy Markets predicts installations will rise to 4700 megawatts this year.

They have singled out the commercial industry as a booming market for solar installations – expecting more businesses in 2019 looking to install 100+ kilowatts of capacity

Read the full article on Sydney Morning Herald.

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