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Sonnen Will Compete With Tesla on Australian Solar Rooftop Market

Tesla is not the only one selling solar roofing in Australia. Sonnen has stepped up the challenge and will compete with Tesla in the Australian market for energy storage with solar roofs.

Sonnen’s Australian branch has teamed with Bristile Roofing in delivering storage systems alongside their solar roof product. The tile maker is planning to release its solar product in September and start targeting the 102,000 new build homes expected in Australia until 2018.

Sonnen offers several advantages over Tesla and if the timeline pans out, Bristile will have the jump on the market by several months. Also, being based in Australia, delivering products will be faster as compared to Tesla, which will have to ship them around the world. According to the Bristile website, the company produces up to 250,000 tiles per day from three plants.

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