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South Australian Solar Panel Firm Tindo Acquired by Cool or Cosy

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Glenn Morelli, who worked as a sales consultant for 23 years in the insulation company Cool or Cosy, now owns Australia’s only solar panel manufacturer.

Morelli acquired ownership of Tindo last week when he concluded negotiations with Adrian Ferraretto, who started the company in 2011. And in less than a week after acquiring the company, Morelli has plans of expanding Tindo’s Mawson Lakes Factory.

25 of 70 Tindo employees work at Mawson Lakes. Morelli said a 400 square metre extension will create at least 10 more jobs and will significantly boost manufacturing capacity. Morelli was a sales manager at Cool or Cosy in 2000 before buying Tindo and presiding over its shift to become South Australia’s largest local solar panel installer.

The company builds battery storage solutions as well as solar panels and Morelli said he had expressed interest in taking part in the South Australian Government’s project to build Australia’s biggest battery.

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