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Sunswift Violet Solar Car On The University of South Wales Left For Sydney For World Race

The four-seater sedan designed and built by the engineering students of the University of South Wales called the “Sunswift Violet” has left Sydney has left on September 20th on a 4,300 kilometre drive  to Darwin. The “Sunswift Violet” will race in the Bridgestone World Challenge. The solar car will race against 47 teams from 21 countries from Darwin to Adelaide that will cover 3,021 kilometres. The race will start on October 8, 2017, Sunday as reported by Pace Today.

Sunswift Violet solar car attributes include:

  • The solar car can run at a top speed of 130 km/h with a range of 800 kilometres running using the solar panels on its roof
  • It covers a distance of 400 kilometres when using its modular lithium-ion batteries
  • The car has a 7kW of horsepower at 110 km/h and using 1.5kW motors running at 98% efficiency

The Sunswift racing team is the current holder of the world land speed record for an electric vehicle that was recognised by the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile in 2014. The electric car ran at an average 100 km/h with a distance of 500 kilometres on a single charge.

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