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This Week in Solar: Australia’s biggest battery, alleviate energy poverty, Neoen

1. Everything you need to know about the Tesla Solar Roof Offer

Tesla Australia has added their Solar Roof offering to their website. This outlines the services you can expect to see with Tesla. Check the guidelines to get the best product for you.

2. HLG Solar Powers Major Australian Logistics Centre With 3MW Solar Panel Installation

Modcol completes installation of one of the Southern Hemisphere’s largest roof-mounted solar panel arrays at the Moorebank Logistics Park.

3. New investment fund targets small solar and wind farms in Australia

A new renewable energy investment vehicle targeting smaller-scale wind and solar projects has launched in Australia, backed by UK-based infrastructure and private equity investment manager, Foresight Group.

4. Neoen unveils massive wind, solar battery project in South Australia

The Goyder South project is earmarked for Burra, in the state’s mid north, and will comprise up to 1200MW of wind, 600MW of solar, and up to 900MW of battery storage (the number of hours of storage is yet to be determined).

5. Canberra will be home to one of Australia’s biggest batteries as ACT weans off fossil fuels

The ACT will gain one of the nation’s biggest batteries, capable of powering 25,000 homes for two hours, as it moves to end its reliance on fossil fuels.

6. How to get 50% solar panel conversion efficiency? Sunovate celebrates its first demo project

Solar panel developers have long recognised the detrimental effects heat has on cell performance — an ironic sunny side effect. Australian company Sunovate has designed a cooling system that boosts energy output, and harnesses all that hot air.

7. New research shows small scale solar pv can alleviate energy poverty

A new industry research project by Swinburne University investigated the effectiveness of small-scale solar PV in alleviating energy poverty for cooperative housing tenants, finding key benefits brought about by solar PV integration.

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