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This Week in Solar: 7 Solar Installation Checks You Can Start Today, The Smart Way to Maximise Use of Your Home Solar Installation

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1. 7 Solar Installation Checks You Can Start Today

The day your solar installation is switched on for the first time can be very exciting – but it’s important day one isn’t the last time you’ve got your solar installation front of mind. This is because the failure to complete regular checks can lead to a drop in the proper performance of the installation and even pose a safety risk. For anyone with a solar installation, there are 7 questions you should ask yourself today to help ensure its ongoing efficiency and safety.

2. The Smart Way to Maximise Use of Your Home Solar Installation

There’s no doubt the 2020s will see immense growth in both smart home and solar technology. The history of development in these fields may be different, but in this decade there will be a big convergence between the two. Australians with a smart home have the ability to use a more affordable and enjoyable property each day. For Australians with a solar installation, there’s the chance to harness an effectively unlimited natural resource. 

3. Solar exceeds coal for first time, as renewables set new records on Australia’s main grid

The combined output of rooftop solar and large-scale solar farms exceeded that of brown and black coal generation for the first time in Australia’s main grid on Sunday.

4. Energy commission dials back plan to charge households to send rooftop solar power to grid

A proposal for households with rooftop solar panels to be charged for exporting electricity into the power grid at certain times has been softened, with regulators guaranteeing a “free option” under which people will not face any cost.

5. Energy chaos’: Wind and solar industry facing roadblocks in Australia

Australia’s charge into the large-scale wind and solar is faltering, with investment in new projects drying up and construction jobs in the industry diving.

6. Solar power in Australia outstrips coal-fired electricity for first time

 The national electricity market reached a new milestone on Sunday, with solar power outstripping energy generation from coal for the first time since the market was set up two decades ago.

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