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This Week in Solar: Battery Uptake Booms During Coronavirus

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1. A Burning Issue: Solar Fire Saftey Concerns

Australia has a love affair with solar. It’s akin to Australia’s love affair with the sun generally. After all, we’re the land of sun, sea, and sand. But the potential dangers of poorly-made and/or incorrectly installed solar panels are real. Just the same as too much time out in the sun without adequate protection can pose a risk to your health, the same applies to low-quality solar.

2. Investor Sentiment in Australian Renewables Turns to the Overwhelmingly Positive

MinterEllison’s second annual ‘Renewables Investment Report’ finds that over the past year Australia has become a safe haven for investment. The maturity of its renewable opportunities seems to outweigh existing challenges.

3. Future Grid: Why Australia Is Proving Grounds For Renewable Energy

Australia is among the most advanced countries worldwide when it comes to renewable energy, making it the ideal proving grounds for Future Grid.

4. Australian Developer to Start Building 250 MW Pumped Hydro Plant

Construction is expected to commence in the weeks ahead on the massive 250 MW Kidston Pumped Hydrogen Storage Project in Queensland, as developer Genex Power has announced a $115 million share issue that will deliver the funds for the project to proceed.

5. Lifespan of Australia’s Longest Gas Pipeline Slashed as Renewable Energy Turns Heat Up on Fossil Fuels

The company that owns Australia’s longest natural gas pipeline has slashed the asset’s expected lifespan, saying renewable energy could make the business unviable decades ahead of schedule.

6. Battery Uptake Booms During Coronavirus as Clean Energy Gathers Pace

Australia’s uptake of household battery systems increased 20 percent last year despite the economic downturn, in the latest sign that the transition away from fossil fuels in favour of renewable energy is gathering speed.

7. WWF-Australia’s First Renewable Superpower Scorecard Shows States Doing the Hard Yakka

The World Wide Fund for Nature-Australia’s 2021 Renewable Superpower Scorecard has landed and shows how Australia’s states are putting in the hard yakka toward Australia’s renewable energy future.

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