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This Week in Solar: Solar energy going from strength to strength

1. Smart Energy Efficient Homes

Our future Smart Energy Efficient Homes can provide all the home comforts we want and desire while still investing in renewable energy and saving the planet.

There are several important reasons why the future of residential property needs to incorporate smart energy efficient homes. Read on to find out why.

2. Solar energy going from strength to strength

Australian households and businesses installed a record-breaking 5,000 MW of solar power systems in 2020, equivalent to 15 million average solar panels, and the trend is set to continue into 2021.

3. Business leaders call on Victorian Government to set interim emissions reduction targets for 2025

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews is being urged to set emissions reduction targets for 2025 and 2030 to boost business confidence and prevent Victoria falling behind the rest of the world on climate action.

4. Australian Trial Protecting Pears With Solar Panels

Researchers at Tatura SmartFarm in Victoria are tinkering with using solar panels to protect fruit trees from extreme heat events – one of the many potential applications for agrivoltaics.

5. Japan’s Sumitomo eyes green hydrogen output in Australia’s Gladstone in 2023

Japan’s Sumitomo has moved forward in its planned green hydrogen project in Gladstone, Australia, following the signing of a front end engineering and design contract with JGC Holdings, with an eye on starting production in 2023.

6. Retailers rise to renewables

Australian retailers made almost double the renewable energy commitments of any other industry in 2020, Greenpeace Australia’s latest report card says. Its Reenergise 2020 Corporate Renewable Snapshot found retailers had made 1146MW of clean energy commitments.

7. Community solar is fighting the good fight against gas fields in NSW’s Northwest

Although the Federal Government has approved Santos’ gas fields in NSW’s Northwest, many in the area have not given up hope of putting this stranded-asset-in-waiting to bed. Geni.Energy is one company that knows the only way to kill off fossil fuels is renewables like solar.

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