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This Week in Solar: Sun shining bright on Australia

1. Top Things You Need to Know Before Buying Solar Batteries

Buying solar batteries is an important part of getting the solar system you really want and need for your home. During overnight hours or when the weather is cloudy, you can use the energy stored in those batteries to power your home. But you want to be sure to get the right ones for maximum value and effectiveness.

Here are the top things you should know befor buying Solar Batteries.

2. Victoria expands Solar for Rentals program

Landlords and renters in Victoria can now apply for interest-free loans in addition to generous rebates offered under the state government’s Solar Homes program. In so doing, eligible landlords will be able to cut the upfront cost of installing PV by up to $3,700.

3. Australia grants major status to AU$22bn solar, storage and transmission project

The AU$22 billion (US$15.79 billion) project features a 4,500km high voltage direct current (HVDC) transmission system connecting a 10GW solar / 30GWh storage facility near Darwin with Singapore and eventually Indonesia.

By the end of 2027, Sun Cable predicts the AAPL will be able to export approximately AU$2 billion (US$1.44 billion) of solar energy per year to Singapore, connecting Australia into the ASEAN Power Grid.

4. Armidale is just bursting with sunshine — hospital catches on

You might think public hospitals have a duty of care to protect the community and reduce emissions by applying a warm blanket of solar PV to their many hectares of rooftop space. The NSW Government is fulfilling that prescription.

5. New gas-fired power not needed as renewable energy expands, grid operator says

New gas-fired power is not essential for a grid increasingly based on renewable energy, and gas prices will need to stay low if it is to compete with alternatives, according to the government agency responsible for the electricity system.

The Australian Energy Market Operator (Aemo) has released a roadmap detailing what an optimal national electricity market would look like to 2040 if it was designed with a focus on security, reliability and the lowest cost for consumers.

6. Green manufacturing could deliver $50bn boost to GDP, 400,000 jobs

Australia has a chance to generate a massive boost to the economy and revitalise a shrinking manufacturing sector by embracing clean energy technologies, a new research report has argued.

The report, published by the Centre for Future Work, found that Australia could substantially boost gross domestic product and create as many as 400,000 new jobs by targeting industry support towards green manufacturing jobs, including renewable energy and battery storage production.

7. The sun shines on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, but can it shine for them

Sydney’s Northern Beaches Council has installed its largest solar array to date, a 265 kW rooftop system atop the Andrew ‘Boy’ Charlton Aquatic Centre in Manly. Council is revving up its solar capacity on its way to a goal of having renewable energy power all suitable Council sites by 2030, an ambition it hopes will inspire more local residents to take up solar too.

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