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Western Australia Affirms Residential Battery Storage System Exports

Western Australia Energy Minister, Mike Nahan publicly stated that battery storage and electric vehicle systems will be able to transmit excess power to the main electricity grid from December 1st as reported by Gem Energy.

Dr Nahan said that at the moment, the only batteries being installed by solar developers in WA are the batteries for local consumers and not the exporting ones, but the new move will open doors for the battery storage revolution. He also said that he’s pleased that Western Power and Synergy have reacted quickly to developing a non-reference service that can alter the inconsistency without requiring the regulator to amend the network access arrangement.

Robin Chapple MLC, Greens spokesperson for Western Australia on Energy, pinpointed on the matter in Parliament earlier this year and has acknowledged the move. According to Chapple, logic has prevailed and the government has quickly amended its use of language in this agreement to allow the use of new battery technologies.

So far, more than 175,000 residential solar PV arrays have been installed on the South West Interconnected System. The system upgrades by the current solar developers will make residential battery storage system in Western Australia to be more popular. Energy Matters also expressed their satisfaction and indicated the advantages that people will get from installing upgradeable solar systems in Perth.

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