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Why You Need To Go Green and Build an Eco-Friendly Home

The conventional construction methods worked effectively so far and many homeowners who have decided to build their new home are asking why they would choose and eco-friendly construction over the conventional one according to Opposing News. Things have changed a lot since the last 20 years and not only traditional energy is becoming more expensive because of the increase demand. Humanity also faces the greatest challenge in human history which is climate change is a direct result of human actions.

The green building methods and techniques constantly evolve and the existing ones provides two key advantages over the traditional construction method, eco –friendly homes provides more efficient use of energy and reduces the human impact on the environment. As mentioned, energy is getting more expensive and the cost of monthly bills will surely give you some issues. If you consider the global population growth or the country’s population, your energy bills will surely not get any lower. On the other hand, there are sustainable and environment-friendly, however, less than 1/5 of global energy is obtained from renewable sources. An eco-friendly construction enables homeowners to reduce energy consumption because of an energy efficient design, building techniques and materials.

Eco-friendly homes offer all the modern conveniences of a conventional homes, but the maintenance and operation may be a bit costly as compared to conventional homes. The only disadvantage seen is the initial higher investment, especially you’re thinking of onsite energy generation and storage (solar panels and solar batteries). If you think of it, the initial high investment will pay off in the years to come. Of course there are less expensive eco-friendly construction methods and an environmentally friendly home should not cost more if it is properly planned and designed as compared to conventional homes.

Reasons To Go Green When Building Your Home

Australia is on the right track when it comes to using renewable energy. Although there are some political hurdles in implementing renewable energy policies, Australians are now more aware of the importance of using alternative sources of energy and designing “green houses” in minimizing the effects of global warming. Below are reasons why you should consider going green when building your house.

1. You Can Increase the Value of Your Home

There is a growing trend among buyers of eco-friendly homes and what’s not to like. Green homes use sustainable materials that are better or the environment. This means that you’ll boost your home’s value with small and big eco-friendly projects. It doesn’t matter if you spend big on solar or purchase an affordable water-saving shower and toilet, you will have that edge with buyers whenever you decide to sell your home.

2. Your Energy Savings Will Go Up

If the current buildings are “green”, homeowners can save up to 60% of the annual bill as compared to using traditional energy and power sources. You can get your piece of discounts with your own energy-efficient updates. You’ll be surprised at how much you will save with small updates and projects like installing tightly sealing insulation.

3. You’ll Also Save on Your Water Bills

Green updates that reduce the amount of water it takes to a run a home will certainly save you money. Any energy-saving appliance and water-saving plumbing systems will drastically wasteful water usage. For example, any toilets that was built before 1982 uses up to 18.92 litres of water every flush. You can replace it with a modern model that uses fewer than 4.92 litres per flush. You will instantly see the savings.

4. Green Homes Are as Durable as Conventional Homes

Eco-friendly homes may use some recycled materials but it doesn’t mean that they will wear out sooner. Recycled decking that is made from recycled plastic wood and plastic fibers can last 5 times longer as compared to traditional wood decking. Plus these decks doesn’t need to be painted or treated. So this means that you‘ll spend less time and money maintaining your home.

5. Conserving Resources is Top Priority

Another core value of green housing is conserving natural resources and using more durable recycled or renewable materials that will have a minimal impact on the environment. Many modern-day sustainable products loo just as good as or probably better than their traditional or conventional counterparts.

As humans, we must learn to adapt to what is happening to our environment. Its our job to protect it and live in harmony with nature.

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