World’s Biggest Rooftop Solar Power System to Be Installed in Brisbane Airport

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The Brisbane Airport Corporation (BAC) will install rooftop solar PVs that will generate 9,315 kilowatt-hours per year. The 6-megawatt system will consist of 22,000 panels that will cover 36,000 square meters and will be installed in 6 sites all over the Brisbane Airport as reported by Airport World.

Once completed and operational, the solar power system will account for 18% of the airport’s electricity consumption, This includes air conditioning, lighting using LED technology and car park and street lighting.

The solar power system attributes include:

  • The power generated for 1 year is equivalent to powering 1,700 homes.
  • The carbon offset is the same as planting 50,000 trees.

Solar company Epho will partner with Shakra Energy for the rooftop solar project

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