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World’s First “Tesla Town” Will Come To Australia

Developers in Australia just announced their plans to build the world’s first “Tesla Town”.In a small town, just off Melbourne’s business district, the plan is to have every house with their own built-in Tesla Powerwall and solar roof system installed as reported by Inhabitat.

The project has been welcomed as one of the most environmentally sustainable developments in Australia. Residents can expect to see their water use by about 43%, their landfill use to be reduced by 80% and the solar panels are expected to generate large amounts of electricity that households will be able to charge their electric cars for free.

This first “Tesla Town” is officially called YarraBend after the Yarra River that runs through the neighbourhood. The suburb will cover about 16.46 hectares of land, and it’s contracted to include 2,500 new dwellings with a mix of apartments, single-family homes and townhouses. The first 60 homes will go on sale this week with prices ranging from $1.48 million to $2.1 million. The project is designed, developed and will be built by the property group Glenvill and the houses boast a full range of green features.

The community also features energy-efficient lighting and appliances and electric car charging stations. The building themselves are designed to minimise their impact on the environment.

The contracts for the new units are expected to be officially signed in August and people will be able to start moving in around late 2017.

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Image credit: Inhabitat



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