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2017 Renewable Growth Trends To Be Aware of

The Clean Energy Regulator has released a report on the growth of renewable energy in Australia in 2016. The details were sorted and the statistics were analysed and the results are the things that need to be considered for 2017.

The renewable energy revolution has begun and everybody needs to keep an eye on these trends:

  1. There was a 500% increase in large-scale renewable energy capacity commitments last year.
  2. According to Bloomberg New Energy Finance, Australia has attracted over $4 billion of investments in new renewable projects in 2016.
  3. The number of accredited large-scale renewable power stations doubled last year, with solar farms accounting for 86 of the 98 new power stations.
  4. Australia leads the world for the highest small-scale solar panel rooftop installation per capita.
  5. The Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) provides grants and funds to build new, large-scale solar projects.

No need to be lazy or complacent because the planet is still getting warmer and the changes will not happen overnight. Do your part and save the planet.

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