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Australian Farmers Support the Move to 100% Renewable Power

A recent survey – the Australian Farmer Climate Survey reported by Energy Matters showed strong support from Australian farmers for the nation switching to 100% renewable energy sourced electricity and a significant uptake of solar and battery storage in the country’s agricultural sector.

The first ever National Farmer Climate Survey saw feedback from 1,300 primary producers from across the nation which represents all sectors of primary production. It showed that 83% of farmers support Australia moving toward 100% renewable electricity with 10% undecided on the issue and just 7% who oppose the switch to renewable energy.

It’s also not a surprise that solar power is popular among primary producers, but the uptake level may come as one to some.

With the 1,300 correspondents who participated, more than 600 said that they have installed solar power or solar battery systems on their property. That number is around 54% of the respondents.

The group stated that renewable energy can help rural and regional Australia not just to survive but also thrive.

The uptake of solar power in the agricultural sector is as much about the bottom line as with anything else. It also has been reported that the Australian poultry farming sector may also move to solar energy in the face of increasing competition and also as a way of cutting expenses. Solar generated electricity use on farms is continuing to grow, including powering electric UTVs and weeding equipment.

The Farmers for Climate Action survey also indicated a growing concern over climate change among the primary farmers and producers. 2/3 have observed changes in rainfall patterns during their lifetime and nearly 50% of the farmers reported more frequent severe weather events and drought.

80% of the respondents say they want the agriculture sector representatives to do more advocate for stronger climate change action. 88% of the respondents want their political representatives to be more engaged with the issue.

Australian farmers are working hard to adapt to these climate change conditions, but 83% stated the single and biggest issue stopping them from doing more is the cost.

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