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Battery Sector Engaged in Furious Debate Over Regulations for Fire Bunker

The fast-growing solar battery storage industry is engaged in a big battle to stop new regulations that would force homeowners to build a separate fire bunker housing for battery installations.

Industry and consumer groups have until August 15 to challenge the draft recommendations issued by Standards Australia that could dramatically slow the uptake of residential battery usage. Final draft recommendations include a ban on in-house battery banks and are designed to avoid a repeat of the pink battery debate in which a well-intentioned environmental initiative proved to be deadly.

Manufacturers and industry groups stated that modern solar batteries are designed not to overheat and have described the new rules as some kind of overkill. The sales of solar batteries have gone up to 6,750 battery installations last year and up from 500 in 2015. Solar energy equipment supplier Sun Wiz forecast at least 3x increase this year.

At present, there are no Standards Australia regulations for in-home battery installations. The Clean Energy Council has issued industry rules last year that limits home batteries to a dedicated equipment room or battery room.

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