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Labor Proposes $2000 Australian Battery Rebate – One Million Battery Residences by 2025

News.com.au reported earlier today that Labor has announced their proposed energy policy.

The scheme focuses on battery storage to reduce electricity prices for residents across Australia.

We are continually seeing battery storage become a more popular option for residential solar systems across the country.

Battery Storage Subsidies under Labor Government

If Labor wins the next election, the first part of the energy policy plan is an offering of battery storage subsidies to 100,000 households in Australia. A subsidy of $2000 has been reported.

Labor has expressed an interest in having one million households powered with battery storage by they year 2025.

Who Would Be Elligible for the Battery Subsidies?

If elected, the scheme is reported to begin in 2020 and will be available for households earning less than $180K annually.

If you’re a renter, there will also be a possibility to get in on the scheme.

More details will be available once Labor leader Bill Shorten makes his announcement.

Read the full story on News.com.au.

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