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Can’t Afford The Upfront Costs Of Solar? Brighte Lets You Pay Later

Brighte is a new loan and marketplace system designed to give homeowners access to solar on a buy now pay later basis, as reported by The Sydney Morning Herald.

Rooftop solar is more popular than ever, but some households are still finding that the upfront costs are too expensive. Brighte connects solar installers with people who want solar and kicks off the process.

Making Solar More Affordable in Australia

Brighte was created after chief executive Katherine McConnell identified a need to bridge the gap between those who can afford solar in Australia and those who cannot. Households who can’t afford solar get left behind as others begin to rely less on the grid. The impact will be higher electricity prices for those without solar.

McConnell likens the Brighte platform to Afterpay which has been gaining popularity as a payment plan for consumer goods in recent years. Brighte currently applies to a range of home improvement categories, but their main focus is solar. In the future they will be expanding to offer loans on battery storage.

Brighte is good news for the solar industry and for those who’ve always wanted lower electricity bills but felt they couldn’t afford solar up front.

Here are the key factors to note about Brighte:

  • The Brighte app lets individuals find solar installers by postcode
  • 0% loans are available through Brighte but criteria must be met
  • The app also has a built in repayment calculator

It may sound too good to be true, but Brighte is becoming a popular option for households wanting solar.

Learn more about Brighte here.

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