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Car Maker Giant Toyota To Build First Hydrogen and Renewables Power Plant

The Sydney Morning Herald reported that Toyota North America will be building their first utility-scale hydrogen fuel and renewable generation plant, thus setting a new energy benchmark that will pave the way for Australia’s hydrogen industry. The company will build the plant to support its operations at the Port of Long Beach and using agricultural waste in generating electricity, water and hydrogen.

The planned power plant is dubbed the “Tri-Gen” and will produce around 2.35 megawatts of electricity and close to one tonne of hydrogen daily. This will power more than 2,300 homes and 1,500 hydrogen-powered cars.

It will be in operation in 2020 and will be used as a proof of concept for large-scale hydrogen generation and renewable energy plants.

Tri-Gen is a major step forward for sustainable mobility and a key accomplishment of our 2050 Environmental Challenge to achieve net zero CO₂ emissions from our operations.

Doug Murtha, Toyota North American group vice-president for strategic planning

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