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Energy Market Operator Warns Victoria Could Face Summer Blackouts

The Herald Sun reports that Victorians may need to get emergency energy supplies including diesel generators to avoid possible risk of widespread blackouts this summer. The Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) has warned Victoria will be in a desperate situation since if it faces an extreme summer.

The Hazelwood power plant closure has resulted in a tight supply and demand balance in the national electricity market. The worst case scenario will include load-shedding, which is a planned rolling shutdown (3-4 hours) of power sources to reduce demand. The federal government also released a report that called for the creation of energy reserves within the next 4 years to avoid any electricity shortfalls.

AEMO has been working with the Victorian government and are making plans that include:

  • Connecting generators and other alternative measures.
  • Creating short-term strategic reserve energy which is sourced from outside the current grid.
  • The plans could also deter the push from within the Turnbull government to invest in a new coal power station.

Click here to read the complete story in The Herald Sun


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