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Global Clean Energy Leaders Call to Support Funding for Arena

Clean Technica reported that Global clean energy leaders have called on the Australian Government to back funding for renewable energy projects, following suggestions on both sides of the political spectrum that they will cut the Australian renewable Energy Agency from funding future renewable energy projects.

Both the Liberal and Labour Parties in Australia have suggested they will cut or eradicate ARENA’s ability to fund renewable energy projects. Australia’s Clean Energy Council or CEC argued late August to protect ARENA’s renewable energy funding, arguing that legislation that will be introduced to the parliament this week includes a $1 billion cut to ARENA’s grant funding and puts everything that it has achieved at high risk.

Following up on the petition, the Clean Energy Council this week has published an open letter signed by an impressive list of global clean energy leaders, calling on the Australian Government to protect ARENA’s funds.

The signatories include Australian renewable energy companies like AGL and Hydro Tasmania, as well as global clean energy giants like Canadian Solar, First Solar, Vestas and Gamesa.

The Clean Energy Council explains that up to $1.3 billion of ARENA’s funding is at risk under planned legislation from the Federal Government’s omnibus bill, which would significantly inhibit financial support for renewable energy projects across Australia, immobilising the growth of a vital new energy industry.

According to Clean Energy Council Chief Executive Kane Thornton, the innovations that ARENA is supporting today will power the engine of tomorrow’s economy. The funding and grants provided by the agency are modest investments that will lead to job creation and investments in the future.

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