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Hybrid vs Battery Ready Solar System: Which is Better for Me?

Choosing a solar system for your home can be a great way to reduce your energy bills and harness the power of the sun, instead. But you want to make sure you’re using the right kind of system for your needs, in order to give yourself the biggest benefit. Here are some questions you should ask yourself before choosing a hybrid or battery ready solar system, or making changes to the system you already have.

How Will I Know If My Existing System is Battery Ready?

If you have a system marketed as battery ready or hybrid, these are often interchangeable terms. That’s not be confused with battery systems, which operate on a battery only and aren’t listed asbattery ready. In other words, battery systems operate only on battery, and battery ready systems give you options. There’s a lot of confusing terminology out there, so it’s better to have all the facts when choosing a solar system

What Is the Difference Between Hybrid and Battery Ready Systems?

Technically, there isn’t a difference between hybrid and battery ready system. It just seems like there should be, and a lot of people get them confused because there’s a difference between battery systems and battery ready systems. The biggest distinction is that the term is battery ready is usually used for systems that can accept batteries at a later time, while the term hybrid is one that’s most commonly used for a system that has both on-grid and off-grid capabilities. But since there’s no formal definition of either one of these kinds of systems, it’s up to the sales person and the purchaser to settle on a term and make sure they’re talking about the same thing.

Is This Necessary for My Solar System?

The kind of system that’s best for your needs is the one that works for you and gives you what you’re looking for when it comes to functionality. If a battery ready system that can’t be used off-grid fits your lifestyle, that can be a great choice. Hybrid systems can also work well, if you want to use them off-grid or think you might want that option later. But it’s not necessary to get a certain type of system in order to have good quality. It’s more about the available options and which of those options you’d really like to have.

What Are the Benefits of a Hybrid System?

The biggest benefit of a hybrid system is its ability to be used both off-grid and on the grid. Not everyone needs this option, but for those who do or who might want it later, these systems can be the right choice and meet their needs.

What Are the Benefits of a Battery Ready System?

For a battery ready system, the biggest benefit is the opportunity to use it with batteries if you want to do so later. That gives you options, even if you don’t use those options right now. It can save you money if you want to make changes later, because you won’t need to switch to an entirely new system to move your system to battery.

Choosing the right solar system for you doesn’t have to be complicated, when you work with a quality company and know the terminology to help ensure you get a system that will meet your needs and fit your lifestyle.

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