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Northern Territory Remote Communities Installed Solar Sites

The Northern Territory government has installed more than 10,000 solar panels across 10 remote Aboriginal communities in a bid to give a more secure energy supply and combat climate change.

The Labor party says greenhouse gas emissions from over 1 million litres of diesel fuel will be saved every year after the integration of the panels into the power supply of each community.

The solar panels will provide an average of 5,000 kilowatts-hour/day to power more than 570 households, with another 12 communities in line to receive panels as stated by Chief Minister Michael Gunner.

The $27 million investment will provide to Labor’s target of 50% renewable energy by the year 2030 by reducing carbon emissions and creating a platform for greater use of solar power in the future.


The government is giving $27 million to the $55 million project, which is jointly funded by the Australian Renewable Energy Agency.

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