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Powerful Solar Panels Give Small Roof Spaces a Chance

Solar battery systems have been in the limelight these past few months, but it’s too soon to take solar panels for granted. The top brands are still making impressive advances in efficiency. The result is more power generation from a smaller rooftop.

Markus Lambert, LG Electronics Australia national manager, talked about the possibilities for consumers who opt for high-output solar panels like LG’s 36-watt 60-cell NeON and why all households may need more clean and renewable energy in the future.

The average residential power consumption is about 20-24 kilowatt-hours daily, while larger modern homes may consume double that.

As solar battery solutions become the norm, roof size will be the main limit to the size of the solar panel systems and the battery that can be installed. Highly efficient solar panels are a must in the very near future.

LG’s 360W NeON R panel will allow customers with restricted roof sizes to gain 50% more solar system capacity on their roof.

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