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Renewable Energy Target Audit Finds Unsafe Solar Across Australia

News.com.au reports an audit of the Renewable Energy Target has found unsafe solar across Australia.

The audit has found:

  • a fifth of inspected solar units were poorly installed or deemed unsafe.
  • faulty wiring and unsecured panels were the most common issue reported.

In a letter to energy ministers, Federal Energy Minister Angus Taylor states that the large growth in residential solar in recent times has allowed it to develop into a successful industry. He suggests however that this newfound popularity has introduced risks such as:

  • inexperienced workers entering the growing solar installation industry.
  • new suppliers seeing an opportunity in the industry but not delivering on best practices and adhering to regulations.

These risks are likely the reason the audit uncovered so many poorly installed systems.

Taylor stressed the need for quality providers and good standards.

Read the full story on News.com.au.

This audit highlights a point we have made many times on Solar Trust Centre: do your research and understand exactly what your money is getting you.

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